Curology Review – First Impressions

For those of you that haven’t heard of Curology, previously known as PocketDerm, it is essentially an online dermatologist. Curology is super interesting to me since I work in the healthcare field and “telemedicine” is becoming more and more popular. And why wouldn’t it be? I make an appointment with my doctor for 5pm and don’t actually get seen until 7:30pm. Like what was the point of even making an appointment? And then if I’M late, they won’t see me. Excuse me?

Okay, anyway, back to the topic at hand. For $19.95 a month, your personal dermatologist (or nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant) will prescribe you medication for your skin related concerns (acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, etc) based on a questionnaire and photos of your skin uploaded to the website. This customized medication is delivered to you every 3 months, but if you need more before the 3 months, they will ship you another bottle at no additional charge.


  • No appointment necessary
    • Yay! And for those of use that work the 9-5 Mon-Fri life, it’s really hard to get an appointment sometimes
  • Fast
    • And I mean like crazy fast. I had been playing around with the idea of Curology for a few days after I had found out about it but didn’t want to pull the trigger because, well… 19.95 a month. But then browsing the internet late one night, I found a referral link where you can get the first month free (like this one), I was like OKAY LET’S DO THIS! Which went something like this:
      • LATEEEE Tuesday night: sign up, fill questionnaire, upload photos
      • Wednesday: provider messages me and tells me about what medication she has chosen for me
      • LATER THAT DAY Wednesday: my medication ships
      • Friday: my medication is delivered
    • The caveat to this story may be that Curology is California based and I live in California, but still… considering how many hours I wait to see my normal doctor when I have an APPOINTMENT, Curology’s turn around time is FAST
  • Telecommunication
    • I can e-mail my provider any time with any questions or concerns that I have. I’ve found that their response time is about one day or less
  • Shipping
    • Considering I’m a pharmacist, I really don’t mind going to the pharmacy and seeing my fellow brethren in their natural habitat, but it’s pretty convenient not having to get dressed and go out to get my medication


  • Topical medication only
    • This statement might be incorrect, but judging from their website, it seems that they can only prescribe topical medication
    • To be honest this is probably for the best because certain prescription medications like Accutane should really only be used with good FACE to FACE follow-up because that stuff can be DANGEROUS (more on this later)
  • No insurance accepted
    • They do accept some FSA/HSA cards but it depends on your insurance
  • Not truly YOUR full-fledged dermatologist
    • This statement is secondary to the “topical medication only” con because there are certain things that you can only get from your LIVE in-person derm that you can’t get from your Curology dermatologist such as, resurfacing treatments for acne scars or  if your skin concern is more than acne and wrinkles
  • Not available in every state
    • At the writing of this post, Curology is only available in 43 states (which is pretty good), but if I take my bad skin to a state not on this list, I’m outta luck

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with Curology and their brilliant use of telemedicine especially in an area that MANY MANY MANY people are plagued with and are always trying to improve on. If you have any of the concerns that they’re able to treat I don’t see why you couldn’t try it out especially since the first month is free.

Curology can treat these skin problems

I will be updating periodically on my progress to truly see if it’s worth $19.95/month!


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